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We are the largest online Personal Licence provider in the UK. In addition, we created the UK’s first 100% online invigilated exams that allow you to take the course and OFQUAL exam online at home. So, get a Personal Licence without ever having to attend a boring all-day course or test centre exam! Online exams every 30 minutes, every day, at the weekend and into the evening! Now you can access the course material and still sit the real exam online at home, any day you like.

Choose between:

  • Online Personal Licence: Course & Exam ONLY
  • Online Personal Licence: DBS & Application ONLY
  • Online Personal Licence: Course & Exam, DBS & Application

Don't worry, it's not complicated but you are required to have a working camera on your computer. Very simply, you go through the ID process by uploading a driving licence or passport and you are required to sit in a quiet room without disturbance. When connected to the examining body for the exam, a live invigilator will oversee your exam to make sure its integrity is kept. At the end of the exam you will get an instant result without having to wait for 5-10 days for marking. Easy!

We'll send you the full studio voiced course, the book version in a PDF and 3 full online mock exams with different questions. You also get access to our online lessons too. We have a 97% pass rate, but should you need it, the re-sit is totally free providing you have completed the e-learning in full.


  • 14 Module interactive course
  • Full training course in a PDF book
  • 5 full online mock exams
  • Mobile/tablet friendly
  • Free resits
  • DBS Check Included
  • Online invigilated exam
  • Personal account manager

Choose your Licence package and take the exam at a time YOU want!

Our exams are provided by our parent company National Hospitality Academy Ltd.